The first National Coin Shows...

June 21, 2021 121 view(s) 5 min read
The first National Coin Shows...

in nearly a year and a half are on the horizon!  Summer FUN, and the ANA's World's Fair of Money are both going to happen, and we will have prominent, corner tables at each. 

We have heard some rumblings that there may be some limitations on size for the ANA, but nothing definitive.  While we certainly hope the show will proceed without size limits, and with just the expected health and safety protocols we are all used to at this point, we will be there in any event, loaded for bear and ready to go.  The expectation is that Summer FUN will not be limited as to size, but that certain protocols are likely to be in place, which is fine by us.  Following the rules in effect is, in my view, a small price to pay for the ability to attend and enjoy a truly national coin show, after all this time.

During the past year and a half, you've heard me bemoan our broken supply chain on several occasions.  Pandemic sales levels, though I would not have guessed it more than a year ago, were and remain extremely strong.  The difficulty has not been selling great coins, it's been buying great coins.  But, on reflection, that has always been the troublesome part of the equation.  It's only been more difficult by degree since Spring 2020. 

The good news is that our supply chain feels like it is back to normal, or darn close!  That is truly cause for celebration.  But, since sales are running above even last year, we remain in catch-up mode.  Still, I'm happy that supplies of good, saleable material are again flowing with some regularity.  You will see that reflected in our inventory right now, and even more so as we move forward.  And, should we have the pleasure of greeting you at an upcoming show, you'll see it in our display cases as well.  More than 1000 coins have come back from PCGS and NGC just in the past month.  While it is true that most of them were bulk-graded Morgan dollars and Franklin halves, and the vast majority of those have already been sold to other dealers, there are plenty of really good and great collector coins...the coins we specialize in here at DKRC. 

One of the more interesting coins in our newly-added inventory, is a 1909-S VDB cent in PCGS XF40 and CAC-approved.  Nice...interesting...very collectable, but not super special.  However, this one comes with the oldest ANACS Certificate I've ever seen.  Generally, these photo-certs are from the early to mid 1980's...not a scientific study by any means, but the few dozen I've had over the years seem to be all within that time frame.  Not this one.  It is from Aug 1979, and doesn't even include a grade!  It simply shows pics, registers the owner and authenticates the coin.  Maybe I'm excited about nothing, but I do tend to get a bit charged up when something I haven't seen before presents itself.  At least to me, it's unusual and interesting.

Next up on our show schedule is a brand new show, this week, in Altoona, PA, run by Mike Dixon.  Then, you'll find us at Ernie Botte's New Hampshire Coin and Currency Expo, to be held in Manchester, New Hampshire the fourth week of June.  See all the relevant info here.   And as noted above, we'll be at Summer FUN early in July, and then at ANA early in August. 

We've added lots of new coins over the past few weeks, and there is much more to come.  We have coins in process at grading services, which is very comforting to us.  We have new coins going in all the time, and we have newly purchased slabbed coins to process and get ready for sale.  It feels like we are finally over the hump...and a huge hump it was.  Please don't hesitate to explore all of our coinswhenever you can.  The time is right to buy some great coins.  How do I know that?  Easy.  As a collector, I learned many, many times over...the right time to buy great coins is when great coins are for sale.

This is the part of our program where I generally plead with you to sell me some great coins.  How about a truly simple approach this time...I sincerely hope you will do just that.  And soon.  And, it doesn't even have to be a sale!  Trades are always welcome.  I'll be tickled just to have the opportunity to explore a sale or trade with you.  Call (301-570-7070) or email to discuss.

Please also take a look at our listings on eBay (seller ID: DavidKahnRareCoins).  Every week, we sell 30 to 35 coins on eBay in completely unreserved auctions that start at .99.  That's right - good quality, PCGS-graded, US collector coins that you can buy at the price you set.  We also have fixed-price material available on eBay, so please check out our offerings there.  And please do keep in mind that our eBay and website inventories are completely different!

In the meantime, please be smart, be safe and stay healthy.  We plan on seeing each and every one of you at the next big show, whenever that may be!  And, it will be.

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