We will soon be on the way...

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We will soon be on the way...

We will soon be on the way...

to the ANA's World's Fair of Money in Rosemont, IL, which along with the January FUN show, are generally the two best shows on the national circuit - under normal circumstances.  But, as we are all acutely aware, these are not normal circumstances.  Though there are still some lingering concerns and remaining challenges, there is going to be a really large, truly national coin show event happening soon...and we expect it to be absolutely overwhelming.  Challenges notwithstanding...we can't wait!

Brian Greer and I, as is our custom, will be setup next to one another, Brian at table 424, and the full DKRC team (Me, Melissa and Dick Graham) at table 426.  We'll also be right next to our good friends Ray and Phil Hinkelman from Eye Appealing Coins, very close to US Gold expert extraordinaire Doug Winter, and right across the aisle from Chris and Jack Dempsey at Dempsey and Baxter.  Just a tiny stone's toss away is another of our favorite dealers, John Agre of CRO.  We'll be in a great neighborhood...so please stop by early and often!

Before we go further into the future, let's review the very recent past just a bit.  Summer FUN, held earlier this month in Orlando, was an enormous success by any measure that I am familiar with.  Sales were off the chart, and in fact, it was the highest-grossing sales show we've ever had.  Normally, a Summer FUN would rank very low on that scale, but this was not the typical, somewhat sleepy, locally-focused Summer FUN.  There was a much larger, wider range of dealers and collectors there, and everybody seemed to be firing on all cylinders.  My presumption going in was that pent-up demand for great coins would be huge, and it was...maybe even bigger than huge.  Sales to collectors in all series were very strong, but it was dealers who were literally vacuuming the floor clean.  I met with 4 dealers in pre-show activity, and sold more than enough to simply have gone home before the show even started, but that's not in my DNA.  Plus, I really wanted to buy!

We did stay.  And we did buy, but we sold a lot more than we bought, which - though great for cash flow - isn't really a long-term, sustainable plan.  Thankfully, I've bought a few things from some of you, I've bought a few things on a quick trip here and there, and I still have bunches of coins trickling back from grading at the services.  But, please consider doing both of us a favor, and sell (or trade) me some great coins at the ANA.  PLEASE!

Looking forward, we definitely have new purchases.  A few of the truly spectacular ones are highlighted below, and there are many more listed now on the website.  That still leaves us with quite a number to be unveiled at the ANA.  Dr. Chuck Link has favored us with a couple dozen really nice Capped Bust halves he's de-accessioned from his "Best-Ever" Overton die variety set.  We have an interesting, old-time collection of mostly rare Large cent varieties, cherrypicked by a collector starting in the early 1950's, and including quite a few coins with important pedigrees.  But that's not all!

We recently purchased the Dick Graham Reference Collection of Reeded Edge Bust half dollars, and we're feverishly preparing it for presentation at the show.  Everything is included, though Dick previously sold a very small number of coins (his 1836 RE, gem MS 39-O and 39 Small Letters), and he never owned the 2 super-rare 39-O marriages or a 38-O.  Still, that leaves plenty, and included are quite a few Plate coins from his book, several Finest Known or high CC coins, and lots of cool die states too.  The coins run the gamut, from a few details coins to MS62, but most are in the affordable and popular XF to AU58 grade range.  All are slabbed, almost invariably with the GR attribution numbers on the labels.  Rare varieties of course, but also lots of great options for type or date collectors.  Not only will we have Dick's coins available for purchase, we'll also have Dick's book for sale and Dick himself to offer help, answer questions, sign your copy of the book, and generally discuss the series.  A triple threat!

All of the above is important, and maybe even a tiny bit interesting, but if there is only one take-away for you from all of it, please allow it be that we buy coins too!  Or take them in trade.  And we really love to do both.  Please, consider offering us some great coins, or even some nearly great ones.  Actually, we'll be happy to buy whatever you've got, and we have very effective sales channels for everything, including junk, bullion, decent collector material, and - of course - the truly great coins.  I'll be tickled just to have the opportunity to explore buying from you or trading with you.  Call (301-570-7070) or email to discuss.

Lastly, take a look at our listings on eBay (seller ID: DavidKahnRareCoins).  Every week, we sell 30 to 35 coins on eBay in completely unreserved auctions that start at .99.  That's right - good quality, PCGS-graded, US collector coins that you can buy at whatever price you set.  We also have fixed-price material available on eBay, so please check out our offerings there.  And please keep in mind that our eBay and website inventories are completely different!

In the meantime, please be smart, be safe and stay healthy.  We plan on seeing each and every one of you at the next big show...next week!!!

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