We've returned, intact and healthy, from our...

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We've returned, intact and healthy, from our...

busiest coin show ever.  And by a lot!  Selling was outstanding.  Great collector coins, if offered at realistic, current-market prices, literally flew out of the cases, and the demand for them seems insatiable.  Buying was also outstanding, and it was accomplished virtually without leaving the table to scour the floor for good coins...since I really couldn't leave the table.  Melissa, Dick Graham and I had our hands full, to say the least, and while I always want to go see what I might find, that simply wasn't possible at this show.  Perhaps I spent a total of 2 to 3 hours hunting for coins, over all 6 days we were there.  The vast majority of what we bought walked up to our table.  Thank you to all those who brought us coins to buy!

The Dick Graham Reference Collection of Reeded Edge Bust half dollars was a hit with collectors.  We put out all (roughly) 70 coins when the doors opened to the public at 1pm on Tuesday August 10th, and we brought home only 21 of them.  A few of those have already been sold, a few more have just recently been posted to the website, and I think that leaves less than 10 still to be re-homed.  If you didn't get a coin from this important collection, take a look at the current inventory on DKRC, where you'll find several to choose from.  As I write this, there are two Plate coins from Dick's book remaining...but I'll bet not for long.  If you haven't yet gotten your copy of Dick's book, now would be the right time to order one.  We have less than 10 copies left, and there will not be any more coming.

After our return to the office, we got an email from the ANA advising that cases of COVID had been reported after the show.  We all felt great, but we went for a test, just in case.  Thankfully, we were negative.  We didn't hear more about the breadth or severity of the outbreak, and - of course - no specific information was forthcoming.  I understand that privacy concerns (and laws) prevent the ANA from providing any specific info, and maybe they didn't even have any specific info to provide, but it would be nice to know if we were in contact with an infected person.  It's sure hard to contact trace...blind.  In any event, we're all fine and dandy, and we sure hope that you are too.

This is the time of year when we typically look forward to a very busy fall coin show season, and we have quite the full dance card.  Next week, we'll be at our usual corner table in Gettysburg, PA, at Battlefield's semi-annual show.  On the first of October, we'll be returning to Ernie Botte's regional show in Manchester, NH.  And then late in October, we'll be setup at PAN's Fall show in Monroeville, PA.  By now, we know you know the drill...come see us, say hello, share some great coins, buy, sell or trade, and enjoy a great coin show.  Honestly, they are a little bit sweeter lately!

Melissa and I have been working overtime to get new coins processed, photographed, priced and ready for sale, and a large number have been added to our website in the past couple weeks.  And more are coming all the time!  The "feature" coins shown below are some of the finer ones we've been able to corral, and you are the first to see them offered!  I don't think it's possible for me to select a favorite among them...they are all spectacular!  The 1802 (CAC) half cent is incredibly brown and smooth, the 1820-103a (CAC) half is exceptionally pretty, the 1840 18/18 (CAC) cent is perfect for the grade, the 1830 N-6 R4 half dime (Gold CAC) is the finest known and breathtaking...but then, who wouldn't love a super choice, affordable 1796 (CAC) dime, or a jaw-dropping 1923-S (CAC) half dollar?  You can see all of the new coins, as well as our entire website inventory here.  And, we promise, there is much more to come.  Please check back frequently.

A quick reminder about how our website works may be in order, since we are a little bit different than many other coin dealer's sites.  We are a full e-commerce site.  You simply place a coin or coins in your cart, and checkout.  All the payment options are available at checkout, including mailed payment, if you prefer to send a check or MO (or you intend to arrange a trade or layaway).  As soon as you checkout, the coin is removed from inventory, and is no longer available for sale.  There is no mechanism to "hold" coins, and if we are out of the office, it generally isn't possible for us to do much of anything in the way of creating an order for you (the behind the scenes, admin portion of the site is complex and I cannot create an order for you on my phone).  It sometimes happens that a customer leaves a message on our office phone that they'd like a coin, but by the time we get the message, the coin is long gone.  Or, you may get us while we're driving, or busy at a show, and we can't help immediately.  We really don't want that to happen, and it's very easy to avoid...simply place your order on the site instead!  All coins in our inventory are one of a kind, and the first order placed wins.

Please - never forget - we buy coins too!  Or take them in trade.  And we really love to do both.  Consider offering us some great coins, or even some nearly great ones.  Actually, we'll be happy to buy whatever you've got, and we have very effective sales channels for everything, including junk, bullion, decent collector material, and - of course - the truly great coins.  I'll be tickled just to have the opportunity to explore buying from you or trading with you.  See us at any upcoming show, call us at  (301-570-7070) or email to discuss.

Lastly, take a look at our listings on eBay (seller ID: DavidKahnRareCoins).  Every week, we sell 30 to 35 coins on eBay in completely unreserved auctions that start at .99.  That's right - good quality, PCGS-graded, US collector coins that you can buy at whatever price you set.  We also have fixed-price material available on eBay, so please check out our offerings there.  And please keep in mind that our eBay and website inventories are completely different!

In the meantime, please be smart, be safe and stay healthy.  We plan on seeing each and every one of you at the next show!

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