1. The first National coin shows

    in nearly a year and a half are on the horizon!  Summer FUN, and the ANA's World's Fair of Money are both going to happen, and we will have prominent, corner tables at each. 

    We have heard some rumblings that there may be some limitations on size for the ANA, but nothing definitive.  While we certainly hope the show will proceed without size limits, and with just the expected health and safety protocols we are all used to at this point, we will be there in any event, loaded for bear and ready to go.  The expectation is that Summer FUN will not be limited as to size, but that certain protocols are likely to be in place, which is fine by us.  Following the rules in effect is, in my view, a small price to pay for the ability to attend and enjoy a truly national coin show, after all this time.

    During the past year and a half, you've heard me bemoan our broken supply chain on several occasions.  Pandemic sales levels, though I would not have guessed it more than a year ago, were and remain extremely strong.  The difficulty has not been selling great coins, it's been buying great coins.  But, on reflection, that has always been the troublesome part of the equation.  It's only been more difficult by degree since Spring 2020. 

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  2. What a month April was!

    1824 Capped Bust PQIt was almost back to "normal"!  We set up at two actual coin shows, I attended another - a large, regional show as a buyer (the GNA in Dalton, GA) - and did some other, fairly local scrounging in shops.  I drove almost 4 thousand miles - my "usual" (pre-COVID) average is between 5 and 6 thousand - and had some incredible results.

    Sales at Gettysburg, PA and Manchester, NH were exceptionally strong, with lots of activity across all series that we are involved in.  Cheap coins, moderately priced coins, and coins in the 5-figure range found new homes...easily and often.  As I've been commenting lately, sales were strong to current, known customers, but almost as many new or returning customers are buying as well.  In New Hampshire specifically, I was very happy to see and catch-up with a long-time customer that had returned to collecting after several years away.  That scene was repeated at least half a dozen times at those two shows.  And these were moderately sized, regional shows.  The big, national ones are still to come!

    Buying was good, selling was better, and it was just a blast to be back out in circulation.  COVID protocols were in full swing of course, and though the mask does get a bit uncomfortable after 10 or so hours, we felt safe and secure in our operations.  Now that I've been fully vaccinated and I'm two weeks past my 2nd dose, and Melissa has gotten her 2nd dose, our confidence level is high and rising.

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  3. Welcome to the Brand New David Kahn Rare Coins - 2021

    Dear Loyal Customers,

    It is with great excitement that I announce our newly designed website is now live.


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