U.S. Capped Bust Half Dollars 1807 - 1826 Variety Identification Guide, by Robert Powers

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The primary purpose of this guide is rapid variety identification – while other publications are excellent for inviting in depth home study, this guide is perfect for portability, heavy on-the-go usage, and quick attribution. The author of this book has had a strong interest in Early U.S. coins for over 30 years. He set out to write this series of books because he has wanted to read them for many years, and finally gave up on waiting for someone else to write them. Inside, you will find a comprehensive collection of the highest quality, full color, high resolution modern photos available anywhere, which will make attributing your Capped Bust Half Dollars easier than ever before. Careful attention to detail was considered in the selection of these photos for only those which show the greatest of useful detail in helping with your attribution and die stage recognition. This guide is written in a classical, though modernized attribution guide format, meaning that you are simply presented with a photo and description of each die. The descriptions of each die are in plain English, designed for those who are complete beginners, as well as those with intermediate and advanced levels of knowledge. Attributing Bust Halves (or any coin series) begins with taking in the whole picture of the coin. The position of all of the features relative to the other features on each individual coin should be visually taken in the same way that one recognizes the face of a familiar person. The positions of the stars, leaves, berries, letter and number spacing, etc. are universal observations for every attribution. The text descriptions will point out specific, unique features found on each and every die to further guide you. Also, the best kept secret in variety attribution are the dentil alignments relative to the stars and letters below them. Every effort was made to present photos with maximum dentil visibility for this underrated purpose. Use the dentils as your compass. Once you dive in, you will understand this ‘compass concept’ all too well.

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