U.S. Large Cents, 1816-1839, Variety Identification Guide by Robert Powers

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Robert Powers, a very accomplished, young author is back, with a brand new publication. His Middle Date Large Cent Variety Identification Guide is the follow-on from his first volume, dealing with Early Date LC's, 1794-1814. His new Middle Date guide, a 158 page, full color, soft cover, 8.5x11" up to date attribution guide for all of the Newcomb varieties of the Middle Dates, was just published and arrived here last week. Powers has been collecting coins for over 30 years, and has had a strong interest in Bust, Seated, and Early American Copper for almost as long. He has recognized the need for updated attribution guides in those series, and has set out to publish a series of easy to understand guides with the highest quality photos available. Currently available are two new publications on Early Date Large Cents as well as Middle Date Large Cents. Robert has future plans for a comprehensive Half Cent guide, as well as a new guide covering Overton varieties of Bust Halves. The thing that most resonates with me about these publications is the overall reliance on recognizing dies and the coins they produced in much the same way that you recognize people's faces. I learned long ago - primarily from among the best mentors a collector could have, Dr. Michael Summers - to do just that, and it has served my needs very well. In this way, one can identify coins quickly and without measuring anything...many times without the aid of a glass. I'm a fan of Powers' work, because he takes the same approach. The book is crisp, clean and easy to understand, yet it is not simplistic. It invites study and reflection, and can be very eye-opening. His method may not work for you, but it sure is worth giving it a try. If it works, you'll never measure anything or have to deal with a cluttered, jargon-filled guide again! Give this new book a shot, and for that matter, buy a copy of both Powers' books. We''ll have them at Baltimore and they are available right now in our Numismatic Literature section. DKRC is the exclusive distributor of these at present.

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