January 11, 2024
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David Kahn Rare Coins Post-FUN 2024 News and Newps

So, there's busy at a coin show...

and then there was Thursday, Jan 4 at FUN.  Busy really doesn't even begin to describe that level of truly intense activity, for 7 or 8 hours straight.  The day flew by - that's a great thing.  But, this was an activity level that made me worry about making mistakes.  Not being able to fully process the task at hand before having to begin the next.  All three of us.  Inundated.  Overwhelmed.  Which I thank you sincerely for!  Yet, we were too busy, and I don't say that lightly.

Nor is it a complaint.  I love to be busy.  But, Team DKRC will have to revisit and revise our processes, to be sure that we keep activity levels below that threshold.  We will maintain our excellent level of customer service of course, while also being certain to protect our inventory and double check our figuring.  We are not aware of any major mistakes that were made, and we didn't lose any coins, but it was an environment that could have easily allowed that to happen. 

June 28, 2022
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Summer has finally arrived...

and with it, comes the somewhat slower pace of the numismatic market.  Some observers have lately professed gloom and doom, but we are not seeing that, nor do we expect it.  We've discussed the reasons many times over the past 18 or so months.  Great coins continue to sell very well.  The summer Baltimore show was much more active than I had envisioned, and the serious collector market appears very much alive and well.  But it is always true that attention turns to outdoor activities and family vacations this time of year, and coins tend to take a back seat for a couple of months.  That is, until the ANA's World's Fair of Money rolls around in August, and then, all heck breaks loose!  The WFoM is an immersive, nearly week-long numismatic extravaganza that we highly recommend you participate in.  If you travel to a coin show only once per year, then flip a coin and alternate between  winter FUN and summer ANA.  Winter FUN is a fabulous experience, a gigantic show and a heck of a lot  But summer ANA has a completely different vibe.  There are more club meetings, more informative presentations, more opportunities to meet, interact and socialize with like-minded collectors, and dealers tend to save inventory and special coins for the show.  The "summer doldrums" really help to make the WFoM special - since dealers are somewhat less actively selling during the summer, they tend to arrive at ANA loaded for bear.

September 1, 2021
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We've returned, intact and healthy, from our...

busiest coin show ever.  And by a lot!  Selling was outstanding.  Great collector coins, if offered at realistic, current-market prices, literally flew out of the cases, and the demand for them seems insatiable.  Buying was also outstanding, and it was accomplished virtually without leaving the table to scour the floor for good coins...since I really couldn't leave the table.  Melissa, Dick Graham and I had our hands full, to say the least, and while I always want to go see what I might find, that simply wasn't possible at this show.  Perhaps I spent a total of 2 to 3 hours hunting for coins, over all 6 days we were there.  The vast majority of what we bought walked up to our table.  Thank you to all those who brought us coins to buy!

The Dick Graham Reference Collection of Reeded Edge Bust half dollars was a hit with collectors.  We put out all (roughly) 70 coins when the doors opened to the public at 1pm on Tuesday August 10th, and we brought home only 21 of them.  A few of those have already been sold, a few more have just recently been posted to the website, and I think that leaves less than 10 still to be re-homed.  If you didn't get a coin from this important collection, take a look at the current inventory on DKRC, where you'll find several to choose from.  As I write this, there are two Plate coins from Dick's book remaining...but I'll bet not for long.  If you haven't yet gotten your copy of Dick's book, now would be the right time to order one.  We have less than 10 copies left, and there will not be any more coming.

July 29, 2021
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We will soon be on the way...

We will soon be on the way...

to the ANA's World's Fair of Money in Rosemont, IL, which along with the January FUN show, are generally the two best shows on the national circuit - under normal circumstances.  But, as we are all acutely aware, these are not normal circumstances.  Though there are still some lingering concerns and remaining challenges, there is going to be a really large, truly national coin show event happening soon...and we expect it to be absolutely overwhelming.  Challenges notwithstanding...we can't wait!

Brian Greer and I, as is our custom, will be setup next to one another, Brian at table 424, and the full DKRC team (Me, Melissa and Dick Graham) at table 426.  We'll also be right next to our good friends Ray and Phil Hinkelman from Eye Appealing Coins, very close to US Gold expert extraordinaire Doug Winter, and right across the aisle from Chris and Jack Dempsey at Dempsey and Baxter.  Just a tiny stone's toss away is another of our favorite dealers, John Agre of CRO.  We'll be in a great please stop by early and often!

June 21, 2021
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The first National Coin Shows...

in nearly a year and a half are on the horizon!  Summer FUN, and the ANA's World's Fair of Money are both going to happen, and we will have prominent, corner tables at each. 

We have heard some rumblings that there may be some limitations on size for the ANA, but nothing definitive.  While we certainly hope the show will proceed without size limits, and with just the expected health and safety protocols we are all used to at this point, we will be there in any event, loaded for bear and ready to go.  The expectation is that Summer FUN will not be limited as to size, but that certain protocols are likely to be in place, which is fine by us.  Following the rules in effect is, in my view, a small price to pay for the ability to attend and enjoy a truly national coin show, after all this time.

During the past year and a half, you've heard me bemoan our broken supply chain on several occasions.  Pandemic sales levels, though I would not have guessed it more than a year ago, were and remain extremely strong.  The difficulty has not been selling great coins, it's been buying great coins.  But, on reflection, that has always been the troublesome part of the equation.  It's only been more difficult by degree since Spring 2020. 

May 4, 2021
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What a month April was!

1824 Capped Bust PQIt was almost back to "normal"!  We set up at two actual coin shows, I attended another - a large, regional show as a buyer (the GNA in Dalton, GA) - and did some other, fairly local scrounging in shops.  I drove almost 4 thousand miles - my "usual" (pre-COVID) average is between 5 and 6 thousand - and had some incredible results.

Sales at Gettysburg, PA and Manchester, NH were exceptionally strong, with lots of activity across all series that we are involved in.  Cheap coins, moderately priced coins, and coins in the 5-figure range found new homes...easily and often.  As I've been commenting lately, sales were strong to current, known customers, but almost as many new or returning customers are buying as well.  In New Hampshire specifically, I was very happy to see and catch-up with a long-time customer that had returned to collecting after several years away.  That scene was repeated at least half a dozen times at those two shows.  And these were moderately sized, regional shows.  The big, national ones are still to come!

Buying was good, selling was better, and it was just a blast to be back out in circulation.  COVID protocols were in full swing of course, and though the mask does get a bit uncomfortable after 10 or so hours, we felt safe and secure in our operations.  Now that I've been fully vaccinated and I'm two weeks past my 2nd dose, and Melissa has gotten her 2nd dose, our confidence level is high and rising.

August 15, 2018
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Welcome to the Brand New David Kahn Rare Coins - 2021

Dear Loyal Customers,

It is with great excitement that I announce our newly designed website is now live.


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